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逢周三下午4点 - 5点,菀欣与阿龙将透过《熟透的榴莲》以市井小民的角度分析华社课题,带给你不一样的见解,奉送你多个观察的角度,为你开启一个自由的言论空间。



Durian Vintage

The race based agenda is only secondary to the bigger national interests to the new generation of Malaysians. This is true to the Chinese community as well. Racial consideration is now a thing of the past. This new generation of Malaysians demands an adjustment to this misguidance and defies this obsolete mind set.


Economy and education are both major concerns for the Chinese community. In fact, these are supposed to be the main concerns to all Malaysian regardless of race. Then why is the Chinese community is still repeatedly unable to find a way out on these vintage issues and ill-founded fears? Isn’t it true that these issues have long been used as political chips manipulated by specific groups and certain personals? How should the new generation proceed to tear down these perceived racial barriers?


“Durian Vintage”, going live every Wednesday afternoon from 4 to 5 pm with both Eugenia Wong and Ya Long, will collectively analyse these “issues” of the Chinese community from the civilian's point of view, nourishing you with different opinion, enlightening you with observations from different perspectives; to tear down these China Walls for a bigger space for all Malaysian.   



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