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自己的土地,出产自家的音乐;自家的文化,折射国家的未来。每星期五下午4-6点,思慧和Eric 会为你送上精心打造的本地音乐节目《榴莲飘飘》。你将欣赏到从乡村到城市,从西马到东马的各式草根及地下音乐。音乐人以美丽的旋律述说你周围的故事,靠梦幻般创作唤起你思维的感应,随甜美的歌声抚慰你疲惫的心灵,用蠕动的青春谱写对这片土地永久的挚爱。




Durian Beat (Friday 16:00-18:00)

Local breed along the local beat, music flowed as durian aroma growed.

The delicacy flavor of durian has already deeply implanted in the bud taste of Malaysian since young. Even though for those who lives far far away in Europe America for half a decade, when smell out of  the durian flavor, they would unable to endure on recalling the aroma rich childhood memory, with  home missing tear drop.

Our own land produces of our own music; our own culture refract the future of our country. Brought to you by Si Hui and Eric in the “Durian Beat” on every Friday, 4-6 pm in the afternoon, to present you the master pieces of local music. You would be able to enjoy the variable populace and underground music, from rural to urban area, from West Malaysia to East Malaysia. From the master pieces of these local musicians, the surrounding stories would be explored by beautiful melody, your sensational thought would be sparked by these fantastic creations, along with the sound of sweet voices to ease your exhaustive mind, to compose the evergreen passion on this land with the youth courage.

We would be here on time with you. Please support local music.  



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