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节目邀请政治人物、政府官员及非政府组织传达讯息、政见或展开辩论。欢迎你通过Chat Room、Skype、Messenger、电话或SMS与我们互动。记住,得道多助,失道寡助。人权是文明时代的旗帜,言论自由是民主的基石,马来西亚人加油!



Soaring Pegasus


If planet Earth is only a negligible dust in the Universe, what about Malaysia on Planet Earth?


While the citizens of this “Bolehland” always desire a space for freedom of speech, one should be grateful that the government of “Bolehland” has left one last frontier in the virtual world  that allow such freedom and space big enough to fly a soaring pegasus.


Just like a fiction, anything can happen in this mad mad world of possibilities for real. With “Soaring Pegasus”, you are assured of the most updated comments and narrations on Malaysia current affairs. Hot topics will be firmly debated; complicated issues will be articulated and followed through; all in the name of society responsibility. Hosted by Jamal, Ah Long, You Quan, Wei Jie,  Lonny, these astute Pegasus will be soaring high on your listening pleasure every morning from 8 to 10 am, from Monday to Friday. 


Politicians, government officers and NGO representatives would be invited to provide news background, update, review and points of contention across the political spectrum. You are welcomed to interact with the Hosts via the designated Chat Room, Skype, Messenger, Phone or SMS. Freedom of speech is the foundation of any healthy democracy.  Malaysians, keep marching in!   



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